First Internet Shipping Thoughts


An aspect of your small or start-up internet business that may not receive the attention it deserves is the packaging and shipping of your products.  In my humble opinion, it is one of the most important keys to your success.

If your customers don’t receive, well-packaged products, shipped at competitive rates, that arrive safely in a timely manner, your business will fail, as surely as if your actual products are substandard.

In an internet business of any size, it is equally as important an aspect  as advertising, pricing, website layout, or order processing.  If the shipping part of the equation isn’t right, you may as well close your shop.

In upcoming posts, I will discuss how to handle this important part of your business professionally, impressively and cost efficiently.  You will learn what it takes to differentiate your shop from others by providing your customers with better service and products delivered at a lower cost.  The end result will add dollars to your bottom line.

Future immediate topics will include packaging, carrier selection, pricing of shipping (and handling), and post-shipment customer support.

I want to make this Blog interactive, so feel free to comment on any of my posts or send questions to my email at  My name is Dwight (aka shippingexpert) and I will answer questions or include them in upcoming posts as I can.

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