Useful Shipping Discounts for Everyone


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I’ve written in the past about FedEx Home Delivery and UPS as cost-effective alternatives to the USPS in certain applications – even at full retail price.  That alternative can be even more attractive with discounts offered to almost any shipper willing to follow specific parameters. .

FedEx offers discounts for all of their services, including FedEx Home Delivery.  They ask shippers to pay for shipments with a credit card and prepare the shipment and shipping label online using a free application on their website.  Then the shipments are dropped off at authorized FedEx locations.  For shippers who spend more than $75 per week shipping with FedEx and prefer to have FedEx come by daily and pick up your packages, you can set it up for $11 per week.

The discounts for FedEx Home Delivery range up to 22%, depending on the weight of the shipments, the program you use, and credit card you use for payment.  Air shipments are discounted even more.  The appealing aspect is there are no setup fees and no volume requirements.

Looking through the options, it appears anyone can sign up for some programs if they are over 18 and have an American Express or American Express OPEN card, sell on eBay, are a member of USAA or AICPA, have a small business, or have an ETSY shop.  Given the range of opportunities, virtually anyone with decent credit can get the discounts.  Just search “FedEx discount programs” on your search engine.  The best program appears to be the one for ETSY shops, but all programs will give good strategic savings.

UPS also offers discounts, but seem to be more selective on who can use them.  If you are affiliated with Amazon or eBay or a couple associations, there are discounts available.  Again, search for “UPS discount programs” to find out if you qualify.

How about some real world examples:

On a five pound shipment to zone 8, the discount will save about 75 cents off a UPS/FedEx ground shipment and make it 50 cents cheaper than the best USPS option (Parcel Select).  It will also provide faster transit time and include $100 of insurance..

On a 10 pound, zone 8 shipment, the discount will save about $1.00 off a UPS/FedEx ground shipment and make it almost $2.50 less than the cheapest USPS option (Parcel Select).

With the weights, distance traveled, and service required, there is no hard rule on which carrier is the best fit for your package – factoring service and cost.  For the shipper, the discounted rates provide additional attractive options.

Would you like a handy tool that helps you correctly price the shipment in your ad and then pick the most appropriate carrier when the destination and weight is determined?  Stay tuned.

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