Shipping Tool Beta-Test Offer


2013 F shipping tool_1

As I have hinted in earlier posts. I put together a shipping price tool to help my wife price shipments and choose carriers for boxes sent to customers. I would like to make it available free for a limited number of users. I only ask that you give me feedback on how it works for you and any thoughts you might have for improvement. I ultimately plan to offer it for a small charge to customers, complete with rate updates when rates change.

I will offer it between now and August 20 for the first 100 requests. The free package will include the Excel file along with a PDF instruction sheet and carrier guide. They will be attached to my reply email to you.

I have two options available:

Regular (full) price FedEx Home Delivery pricing
ETSY- discounted FedEx Home Delivery pricing

To receive your copy, please request it by email. Send requests to:

I will email it back to you.

When requesting, please include your name, email address, and city, state and zip code. Also indicate whether you want the ETSY Pricing or regular pricing.

I believe that the pricing reflects current service offerings, but with all “Beta Testing”, please allow for rounding errors and/or small glitches. With several months of testing and everyday use, I think it is pretty accurate.

I hope it is helpful and I look forward to hearing from you.


Dwight, aka shippingexpert

One thought on “Shipping Tool Beta-Test Offer

  1. I would love the etsy discount pricing. Would reall like both but that one will be alright. We are new to,shipping large furniture pieces.
    Thank you so much for answering my question in the forum.
    2 Feet Up

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