Priority Mail Changes – Some Positives



I wrote in earlier posts about the USPS plan to offer free insurance on Priority Mail shipments. That change, along with a few other others are now in place.

As I see it, here are the changes they have made to their “premium” services:

  • USPS Express service has been renamed USPS Priority Express and includes  up to $100 of insurance  in the price.  It is still a one-day service to most domestic locations with delivery guaranteed.
  • USPS Priority Mail offers up to $50 insurance included in the price and now has an “expected delivery time” map available on the USPS website for each origin zip code.  Transit time is 1-3 days depending on destination zip code.  Transit time is not guaranteed.
  • Both services have new box designs, but the older boxes can be used until the supply is depleted.
  • Both services have what the USPS calls “improved tracking”.  It is hard to determine what that enhancement includes, if anything.
  • The pricing for the services remains unchanged.


This is a step forward for the USPS – the free insurance for the two Priority Mail (Regular and Express) services will help reduce the cost for some shippers who routinely have paid $1.95 for $1 to $50 and $2.45 for $51 to $100 of insurance in the past.

The service map for Priority Mail (regular service) is also a helpful aid for shippers to determine how long it will take for a package to reach their customer – although it is not guaranteed. In the past the service commitment was a non-specific “one to three days”.

For most internet shop shippers, the regular Priority Mail will remain a good option, especially on shipments under three pounds in boxes less than one cubic foot. Also, for higher weights to far-away destinations, the flat-rate boxes are an excellent choice, if your products can be safely packed in one of them.

FedEx Home Delivery and UPS remains a great option on weights over three pounds and boxes larger than one cubic feet.

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