Shipping Christmas Trees


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For the second year, I will be shipping Christmas trees direct to customers.  Yes, I said Christmas trees.  They are six foot noble firs which only grow in the Pacific Northwest.  They are shipped fresh, hours after they are harvested and arrive in 1-5 days depending on where the customer lives.  They are about as fresh a tree you can get unless you cut yours yourself.

The rules of shipping outlined in previous posts still apply –

  • Protect the contents
  • Limit the size and weight of the package
  • Use the right carrier

I will be using FedEx Home Delivery to ship trees baled with twine, encased in slightly-ventilated plastic and packaged in a custom box.   It will arrive with a stand, starter light set, wreath, or other optional accessories if they are ordered by the customer.

 If you have any interest, please visit  and check it out.  There are informative videos on the proper care of real Christmas trees that may be helpful as well.

Merry Christmas!